zaterdag 22 januari 2011

It is my turn

Rainy days
Show the value of sunny ways
Darkness learns
That the light within me still burns
It is growing stronger every day
Showing me my own ray
The green valley grows
within a red road shows
The way of love to be
To set myself free
To be able to be who I am
Breaking of that built dam
Used to cover the real me
So that others are their happy thee
But now it is my turn
To find me and learn
From all that is done and will be
My heart shows, it is the key
"Stop your hiding and start riding
Towards your own destiny and Bee"
SS, song of heaven

donderdag 20 januari 2011


Sometimes I am silent, I cannot talk
Sometimes I have so much pain, I can barely walk

My thoughts are still
I am waiting until
My heart opens itself again
I do not know, how and when

In darkness I drift
I need a gift
From the inside out
To erase my doubt
About how to live on earth
And how to regain some self worth

I cannot feel
Like nothing is real
All is just a single tune today
I miss my song, I want to find my way

Positive thinking doesn't help much
I need a loving touch
From my own spirit above
So that I can fly again like a dove,

Spreading my wings
And doing my things
Why I came here
Walking Red Road with spirit Deer
Walking gentle and kind
Lovingly bind
With our Mother Earth and Father Sky
My feet in the ground and my head up high

Great Spirit fill me up with your love please
So that all the coldness can un-freeze
Spread your warmth through my veins
I feel it happening, like it rains
Sparkles of light
Falling down and rising up like a kite
On heavens wind, I float in the air
Thank You Great Spirit because you care
SS, song of heaven


Soms heb ik van die dagen
Waar ik niets anders stel dan vragen
Het tumult gaat dan maar door en door
waardoor ik een stuk van mezelf verloor
Dan tikt de klok heel traag
en leef ik alleen maar vaag
Niet vanuit dat intense gevoel
Zonder richting, zonder doel
Soms heb ik van die dagen
Waar ik mijn kan ontdoen van al die lagen
Dan voel ik mij verbonden
En ontdoe ik mij van al die wonden
Dan leef ik als in een droom
En sta ik krachtig als een boom
Diep gewortelt in de grond
Intens en een met het verbond
Tussen jou en mij
Vrij en blij.
SS, song of heaven

Stop met vechten/ Stop the fight

Mijn lieve meid
Dit wil ik even kwijt
Het gevecht is makkelijk te stoppen
Draai gewoon even aan de knoppen
Verander van kanaal op dit moment
zodat je de liefde weer kent

Er is nog een andere manier
Brandt een stuk papier
Schrijf erop alles wat je lossen wil
en ervaar: vanbinnen is het weer stil

Aanvaarding is een andere weg
Om om te gaan met pech
Al wat is, is goed
Het gaat erom wat je ermee doet
Ga je tekeer met schild en zwaard
Of denk je nee, ik ben meer waard
Je hebt een kracht vanbinnen in
Die verlies omzet in gewin
Er is geen goed, er is geen slecht
Dus heeft het wel zin, dit gevecht?

Lessen moeten we leren
Kies je voor de zwaarte van beton, of het lichte van de veren?
Jij maakt die keuze
Jij kiest een leuze
Blijf serieus of maak plezier
Lijdt of vier

Het leven gaat zijn eigen gang
Waarom die angst, waarom ben je bang?
Je word omringd met liefde en begrip
Laat een glimlach verschijnen, kijk niet zo sip!

Alles verloopt zoals het moet gebeuren
Verenigingen maar ook hier en daar wat scheuren
Er is iets dat alles zal overwinnen
Het zit diep vanbinnen
Klaar om naar buiten te komen
Jouw eigenste, diepste dromen
Een wereld van liefde en eenheid
Iets wat je hart helemaal verblijdt
Het is ook vanbuiten te vinden
Je hoeft jezelf alleen maar te verbinden
Met het centrale hart dat klopt
En nooit of the nimmer stopt
Het draagt ons allen klein en groot
Ieder heeft zijn eigen noot
In dit Universele Lied
Dat is wat het leven je biedt
Dramatisch of vreugdevol
Ieder speelt gewoon zijn rol
Dus kies maar lieve meid
Hoe jij de rest van je leven slijt.
In vreugde of verdriet
In overgave of gevecht met het Lied
Dat reeds wordt gezongen
Zacht en ongedwongen
Hoor het en zing mee
Het lied van 'Peis en Vree'

Ik hoor het lied
en voel wat het leven biedt
Het komen en gaan
het vallen en weer opstaan
vreugdevolle momenten
Stralend zoals op fotografische prenten
Dramatische tonen van tijd tot tijd
Het Centrale Hart dat leidt
Het gegeven lied weer op stille waters
waar badende vogels zijn en spelende katers
Waar ik de zon voel schijnen
en mijn verdriet voel verdwijnen
meegenomen door een lentewind
waar alles speelt zoals een kind
om dan verrast te worden door de regen
ook donder en bliksem kom ik tegen
Fel en krachtig
Mooi en prachtig

"De zon brak door de woken heen
waardoor er een pracht van een regenboog verscheen"
SS, song of heaven


My sweet girl
this is what I want to tell you
The fight is easy to stop
just push another button
Change channel at this moment
so that you know love again
There is another way
just burn a piece of paper
write on it all you want to let go
and experience the silence inside
Acceptance is another way
To deal with bad luck
Al that is, is good
It is about what you do with it
Do you take shield and sword
or do you think, no I am much more worth
You have a power deep inside
That transforms lost in gain
There is no good, there is no bad
So what is the use of this fight
Lessens we need to learn
Do you choose for heaviness of concrete or the lightness of feathers
You make this choice
You choose the way
Do you stay serious or do you have fun
Do you suffer or celebrate
Live goes it's own way
Why this fear, why are you afraid
You are surrounded by love and understanding
Let a smile appear, don't look so sad
All happens like it supposed to
Unification and here and there some ruptures
There is something that will conquer it all
It is deep inside
Ready to come out
Your own, deepest dreams
A world of love and unity
Something that gladdens the heart
You can also find it outside
You only have to connect yourself
with the central heart that beats
and never stops
It carries us all, small and big
Everyone has its own tune
in this Universal Song
That is what live offers you
Dramatic or joyous
Everyone just plays their role
So sweet girl choose
How you spend the rest of your life
In joy or grief
In surrender or in fight with the Song
That already sings
Soft and free
Hear it and sing along
The song of peace and freedom
I hear the song
And feel what life offers me
Coming and going
falling and getting up
joyful at moments
shining like beautiful photographs
Dramatic tunes from time to time
The Central Heart leads
the given song on silent waters again
Where birds take a bad and cats play
where I feel the sun shining again
and my sorrows are disappearing
Taken by the wind of spring
were everything plays like a child
to be surprised by the rain
to meet thunder and lightning
Strong and powerful
Beautiful and gorgeous
The sun breaks trough the clouds
A beautiful rainbow appears.
ss, song of heaven

maandag 17 januari 2011

Letting Go

To "let go" does not mean to stop caring

It means I can't do it for someone else

To "let go" is not to cut myself off,

It is the realization I can't control another

To "let go" is not enable

But to allow, learning from natural consequences

To "let go" is to admit powerlessness

which means the outcome is not in my hands.

To "let go" is not to try to change or blame another

It is to make the most of myself

To "let go" is not to care for, but to care about

To "let go" is not to fix, but to be supportive

To "let go" is not to judge, but to allow another to be a human being

To "let go" is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes,

but to allow others to affect their own destinies.

To "let go" is not to be productive, it's to permit another to face reality

To "let go" is not to deny, but to accept

To "let go" is not to nag, scold or argue but instead to search out my own shortcomings

and correct them.

To "let go" is not to adjust everything to my own desires, but to take each day as it comes

and cherish myself in it

To "let go" is not to regret the past, but to grow and live for the future

To "let go" is to fear less and love more

Author unknown

Who Am I???

You are a divine creature
And an excellent teacher
for all who wants to hear
and lost their touch of fear
You have a message to tell
Come on hear the bell
It is your call
Rise up and be tall
Feel the love inside of you
You are surrounded by your guides too
Please make contact on a daily base
And don't forget to follow your own pace
Shine from within
Tell your story where you have been
You are so much more than you know
Raise your head up high, not low
Speak out loud, the words of love
You are guided by your spirits, above
The message need to be heard
The world has come to it's new birth
Your time will come
it all has been done
That you can show who you really are
From close by, not from far
No more hiding, not much pain
I'm telling the truth, you are not insane :)
You have so much potential
that you cannot see
It is you who imprisoned you
You are actually free
The door is open for you to go through
We show the way but you have to do
Open your arms
connect left to right
Open yourself up to the true you that you denied
You are a powerful being
What others might not be seeing
On these darker days
Enlighten their ways
Shine like a star, from the inside out
Spread your love, that is what it is all about
Be kind- be Love
Be tender, be a dove
stop the fight, take the flight
open heart, show your card
be you, come on, DO!!!
SS, song of heaven

donderdag 13 januari 2011

Rainbow set me free

Inside of me a part is dying
Inside of me something is crying
I feel the Earth
And all the dirt
That is going on out and inside
All the anxiety and fright
My body feels so cold
Why can I not be bold?
I look into the puddle
And all I want to do is cuddle
Into the warmth of my heart
Where nothing is apart
But I need to stand tall
In the world and break that wall
That stands between you and me
I want to know the true me and thee
Take myhand,
Because I can't
Take me with you
And love me too
The world feels like ice
I have so many questions, so many why's
I do not understand
What is going on onto this land
And into the mind of people
It feels like I am chasing steeple
Please, try to explain
How I can get rid of this pain
That covers my heart
And make me fall apart
On a cloud I drift
I need a lift
To show me the way
To a new break of day
To let the sun shine on me again
I wonder when
I feel the warmth inside of me
So that I can share it with you and thee
Rainbow show me
How to be free
SS, song of heaven

woensdag 12 januari 2011

luisteren naar de wind/Listen to the wind

Ik wil luisteren naar de wind

en wil weer worden als een kind

Die de wereld in zich opneemt
die bij vreugde lacht en bij verdriet weent

Controle bestaat niet
Alles is één groot lied

Dat wordt gezongen op het ritme van het leven
Als een tapijt geweven

Al die kleurenpracht
Vol intensiteit en kracht

Stilte wil ik horen
Om opnieuw te worden geboren

In een wereld van liefde en eenheid
Waar de zon ons hart verblijdt

Ook regen kan vallen
op het groene gras en in dallen

Maar is enkel en alleen om een regenboog te laten leven
en aan de hemel te laten zweven

Zodat ieder van ons weet
dat soms ook leed

ons laat groeien en bloeien

Op onze weg naar huis

Welkom thuis

SS, song of heaven

I want to listen to the wind

To become like a child again
That takes the world as it is

That laughs from joy and cries from grief

Everything is one big song

That has been sang onto the rhythm of life

As a woven carpet

All the beauty of colors

Full of intensity and power

Silence is what I want to hear

To be reborn again

In a world of love and unity

where the sun gladdens the heart

where also rain can fall

on the green grass and into the valleys

It only has one reason

And that is to make a rainbow alive

Floating in heaven

To let us know

That also suffering can let us grow and blossom

On our way home, welcome home

SS, song of heaven

Song for Mother Earth

Our Beloved Mother Earth
Will give birth
To a New World inside of her
Everything might seem a bit blur
Feel her HeartBeat
It will lead
Our own hearts to our destiny
Eventually it will set us free
So lets hold each others hand
And Love this precious land
Where we walk on day by day
Each on our own unique way
Mother Earth I love you so much
It is our inner core that You touch
Help us to guide
To open our hearts wide
So that we can connect with All
And hear our call
TO live in Unity
And Be

SS, song of heaven


zondag 9 januari 2011

Come to the Butterfly Ball

There is a feeling of seperation running trough my veins
And it causes me lots of pains

It brings tears to my eyes
I really don't like to say goodbyes

The tears relieve me from waste
A salty taste

One by one they fall
And then I hear a call

"Are you really seperated inside?
Look into that space so big and wide!"

I step into my heart
And feel nothing is apart

All is connected to each other
Holding hands, one to another

Strains of energy from heart to heart
No beginning, no ending, no start

All is a circle, never ending
One color next to each other forever blending

A spiral it forms, going down and up
We all drink from the same cup

Great Spirit I give thanks to You
Giving up my will is what I want to do

So that I can serve you well
So that I can tell

Of the Unity in us all
Of the Butterfly Ball

Spreading Love

on a silky glove

SS, Song of Heaven

donderdag 6 januari 2011

Visionary Art by Mario Duguay - Messenger of Light

Fire Blessing

Open heart
we do not part
A light shines, perfect vines
Warm glow is spreading out
speaking in silence and out loud
"I bless the nine sacred directions within me"
"set my spirit free"
My space is clean
In my hand a bean
To sow in Earth, pure ground
Connected to heaven, Heavenly bound
Lighting a fire within and without
Forgiveness that is what it is all about
Burning sin
Makes us win
Clean surroundings for all
So that we can stand tall
With love we live
And love we give
Red Road shows the way
How we learn lessons, how to pray
With this fire
We desire
To live in Harmony
And Be Free
SS, song of heaven

Beat of the drum

The beat of the drum is what I hear
A feeling of love from my beloved Deer
Softness and a warm embrace
Sets a steady base
Bum bum drum
Tum tum tum

The beating of the drum
Like one heart beat
that does lead
All that lives
It gives a kiss

Breath in, breath out
in silence and out loud
the wave is flowing
It just keeps on going to and fro
here and there
at the heart were we do care.

Blessed are thee
Who sets themselves free
to reach a hand and make a stand
Rainbows come home and glome
SS, song of heaven

Wisdom Keepers

Wisdom Keepers hear us now
I stand here before you and make a bow
To the All of you my heart goes out
Embracing your lives inside of me
Ooh Wisdom keepers I hear thee
You suffer and serve us well
I pray here for them. Winged, four legged or in a shell
Water beings I also see you
Please embrace them too
So that they can all stand
in the water, in the sky or on the land
SS, song of heaven

Time for Love ❤

woensdag 5 januari 2011

A light from within
A Heart shines bright
Showing from within the light
It warms up Buffalo home
Wherever I may roam
The Silence in me
I want to share with all of thee
Spreading it from me to you
I offer it, You can take it, you can do
Take my hand
And just stand
If you just allow
I open hearts and bow
For all of you I exist
A Universal twist
That I do try to understand
Luckly I am not alone, I have a band
Of relatives who sing the song
Of a heart that does long
To be free
On my knee
I pray for thee
To be
SS, song of heaven

Heart and Soul have a goal

Heart and Soul have a goal
Embracing all that is
Dark and Light sealed with a kiss
Opening yourself towards the soul is also saying
"common mind, let's go playing
with all that is inside of me
and set all my emotions free
So that all will be released
Feel the joy? A soul that is pleased!"
Happiness comes and goes
like a blossoming rose
who shines bright
and sees the light
and when it is time to die
it does not fear and ask why
Standing tall

Having a ball
of lives game, pain and pleasure
sorrow and laughter, a treasure
I embrace your heart now
Thank you for being, I bow
SS, Song of Heaven

A Fairy tale

A Faery Tale
Floating with whale
Starry nights
Magical flights
On Condor's wings
And Eagle sings
In Spirit we trust
It is a big must
To walk the Path of Red
No fight, but peace instead
Love is given
Blue way driven
United in Yellow
You are my fellow
A gift to all
Rainbow-shower blessings will fall
Out of the sky
Wind bellows forth
Messages of our Spirit, our Lord
Rainbows Unite
with arms open wide
Standing tall
Hear your call
I Love you

I do

SS, Song of Heaven

Prayer for Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits of the Earth
We send you our love
and help you out of the dirt
We bless you all
It is a call
to hear you speak to all and me
and set your consciousness free
So that your spirit can fly high
even when the flesh is meant to die
Thank you for the teachings that you bring
So that we learn and our hearts can sing
A bow for you, a heart so true is what we offer today
We pray
SS, Song of Heaven

I cry with thee

My Brother, My sister
I cry with thee
To set you free
I feel your fear inside
So that your heart cannot open wide
I treasure your vision
It flys high like a pigeon
The white dove wants to land
It is fear that blocks her, because of fear she can't
I understand what you are going trough
Fighting soul is what I also do
Let's unite and get it over with
So that our candle can also be lit
And burn brightly within us all
So that we can stand tall
My body is shaking hard
My tears flow I do not like to part
Show us your lessons and learnings in your time only
You will stop feeling lonely
There are people who embrace
And show a new break of days
Take your fear and give it love
You are gifted from above
I reach my hand to you
Common brother, sister,
this is what we must do
Uniting powers from within
Let love rule, let love win

SS, Song of Heaven

Dreaming my dream

Unicorn come to me
And set my innocense free

Bring me to the promised land
Guide me to it because alone I can't

Faeries come and fly with me
Like it always used to be

I miss your presence here today
I did lost a bit my way

In darkness I do roam
The light still has to be shown

The wonderful place I belong
Bring me home, show me dawn, sing the song

Dragon set your fire
to purify my soul, to purify my liar

Bring me silence
So that I stop the violence

That is going on inside of me
Between all the parts that want to be

Protect my loved ones once more
So that we can all go trough that door

To let love reign from now on
Let it be, let it be done

SS, Song of Heaven

Jon and Vangelis - Shine For Me

Swelling heart

My heart beats high
my energy is low
Here I am sitting in that flow
Mother Earth is in pain
So I connect with the within
And let my heart burn a flame
The warmth spreads out now
My body gets energized
I can only surrender and bow
My heart swells
Golden light spreads
and it tells
That the light is offered to everyone today
Just take my hand and play
SS, Song of Heaven

Bless the horse

We bless you horses in spirit and in the flesh
we pray for you and ask forgiveness
We thank you horses for showing us the way
That we have to walk today
Thank you for your protection and your care
Thank you for making us aware
Of the power that we carry inside
The light within you shines so bright
The shadows of our soul
are easily been shown
When we look into your eyes
Fear and anxiety dies
We embrace your spirit dark and white
Thank you for 'the day', thank you for 'the night'
SS, Song of Heaven

Believe in me

Who said it was easy to become a warrior is wrong
The peacefulness that I found is gone and I do long

To ride on the wave
On this emotional rave

I do not believe yet in the potentials of me
So I let them be

The mirror shown to Self
Makes me want to put everything on a shelf

One side wants to be bold
The other side doesn't want to be told

The soul that rises inside
To open doors really wide

Say "proceed your path, go on
move forward, your fears will be gone"

Take your sword
and come on board
On the ship that sails the deep
Gather your courage and take the leap
Faith is what you need right now

Surrender, allow, pray and bow
To the wonderful way in front of you
Come on, just jump, just do

SS, Song of Heaven

I honor you my Mother

I bless you Mother
You are not like anyone other
Your energy spreads out on your way
And make sure everyone has a very good day
Laughter and pleasure is what you seek
Chaos you don't like, it makes you weak
Inside you want to hide
But need to open your heart wide
To show the world what is inside of you
That is what you really need to do
The world is hard
and show us all is apart
But you carry the Heart
Love it, care for it, show your card
Go on and meet
Go on and greet
A world so full of beauty
That is your duty
Go and fro
Steal the show
Be you
Just do
SS, Song of Heaven

Hedgehog came today

Hedgehog came into my life
in the midst of strife

given like a present
making my life more pleasant

teaching how to cope
to undo the knot in the rope

so that I can flow
and grow

into the flower that I am to be
fully and totaly free

I gave you back your breath
You give me joy instead

we roam together
trough all different weather

SS, Song of Heaven