donderdag 31 maart 2011


Lady of the Elves
Giving them their homeland
Keeper of the home
Creator of home
Shine upon me
So that I can find my way
through the dark night
Guide me towards you
For all I have left are my dreams
Inside of me I return
to the never-end-less-nes
quiteness and peace
It is there that I belong
Escaping from the ratrace called life
Observing nature makes me calm
And shows me beauty wherever I look
Just like you are, and I am

SS, Song of Heaven

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

My drum Nayeli, in honor of Whiches Corner...

All my relations  I am one with you
In all that you teach me
I give thanks to you
With my heart I listen as I pray
I know you are with me guiding my way
Four Leggeds, winged ones
Creatures great and small
In humble  honor I will stand tall
Walking straight the path of harmony
All my relations come walk with me...

These words are written in 'Nayeli' (meaning I love you)

Conversation Ego/Inner Child

You are a being o so great
Protecting me, defending me is your natural state
I thank you very much for this all
Now it is time to move on, time for having a ball
So I ask you please, let me go
And let me find my own way
Don't be afraid that I run
No I will stay
I will grow bigger every day
But it is still me inside, I'll never go away
Now I want to show my true colors
It has nothing to do with earning dollars
But my inside wants to explode
And throw off the load
That I am carrying around
for a long while
Admit it you cannot be in denial
Holding me makes the burden bigger and hard
It is time to turn the pages, to draw another card
I am grateful that you did what you did
But it is time for you now to quit
You can relax and enjoy life
from now on
You work is over, it is done
Don't think I will drop you like waste
Now that is not me, I have another taste
I ask you to walk with me
And you will see
That walking next to each other
is fun as well
You will see time will tell
It is time for me now to take care of you
We switch the roles, that is what we do
So go on and take your place
In my heart and next to me
Balance is here the real key
Side by side and day by day
We go on with our journey
we will find the way
To live in natural harmony
No you, No me but we

SS, Song of Heaven

Inner Child

Little child come to me
Stop your fear you are free
To explore the Life before your eyes
It will never stop, it never dies
Life goes on, it has it's own way
And brings joy and laughter every day
Pain and sorrow is a part of the road
Do not see it as a burden, do not carry the load
Accept what Great Mystery brings to you
And you will grow, believe me you will do
Open your arms really wide
And welcome Life but don't hold tight
Things will change every day
No-thing can be the same forever, nothing will stay
Yin and Yang is part of Life
A mariage between husband and wife
They will do the dance together
There is no good or bad, worse or better
All is what it is
Can't you feel it? The bliss?
So little child of mine
Take my hand
Don't think any more 'but I can't'
You are much stronger then you think you are right now
It is just a matter of acceptance, just allow
The power that is within you
I love you Little Child, I really do
Lets grow new together from now on
Past and future is all gone
The sun will rise and the sun will fall
Lower the fences, break off that wall
Cme out of that shelder and play
I am proud of you! You make my day!
SS, Song of Heaven

I see you

Silence in the heart
The most precious thing on earth
Silence in the head
A lifetimes worth
The hard work
that you are doing day by day
Will eventually show you the way
To a road full of happiness
It will be surrounded by bliss
So dear heart of mine
I capture you until it is time
To release you from all the sorrow and pain
In that empty space
it is Love that you will gain
Go on and heal that little child
So that it is free again
Open and into the wild
Then it can experience too
what it always wanted to do
For now you do not have the clue
But time will tell
And ring the bell
When 'I Am' is out
Everyone will hear
and will see You, my dear

SS, Song of Heaven

Untamed Spirit

Once upon a time in the west
A spirit did her best
To let go of old patterns and society rules
She used them for a while, she used them as tools
But she discovered that she was so much more
Because of that she opened the door
To new ways, another path
Not outside but inwards instead
She got challenges on her way
Sometimes she wondered how can I get through this day?
People were hard to her now
Not so nice then when she made a bow
For all the people and society style
She has to get used to this and that will take a while
People want to tame her big times
Drag her into the old system, let her follow the lines
But she is an untamed spirit inside
And wants to explore her heart, make it wide
Out of the heart rainbows appear
Boxes and masks will fall, the truth is near
A mirror is what she is
She carries a certain bliss
In the mirror some people will see
The beauty inside that they 'be'
others will fight against it
Because they don't understand what she did
Her heart she follows from now on
Pain will be over soon, it will be gone
Because she realise that all the challenges on her way
Will bring her a brand new day
Untamed like the wind she will be
Forever more....
She invites you in with all her heart
Are you coming in or do you close the door?

SS, Song of Heaven

Welcome Home

Welcome home
Dearest starchild

The ride has been heavy
and often very wild

Connecting with others will help you
on the way
The sun will shine again
Brings a totaly new day

Shine from the inside
Your light has always been bright

It is a remembering
that is lurking now
A vision of home
A feeling of love
That you allow

To experience bliss
To live in one-ness

Also here on Earth
That is your gift at birth

Be yourself
Leave your shell

We give our hearts and hands to everyone
Forming a wave of love
Hera and now
It is done
SS, Song of Heaven

Moeder Aarde

Moeder Aarde ik voel je beven
Vechtend om te mogen leven
Op een liefdevolle manier
Met mens, plant, rots en dier

We zijn allemaal familie van elkaar
Laat ons geven, een klein gebaar
Liefde zend ik naar onze Moeder
Onze enige en ware Hoeder

Laten we een cirkel vormen
Met alle familie, ja zelfs de wormen
Elk wezen telt
Niet het geld
Maar het hart dat in ons klopt
En nooit of te nimmer stopt
Omdat het één is met onze Moeder Aarde
De Moeder die ons allen baarde
En ons leven schenkt
Voel je niet hoe ze ons wenkt?

Pik de connectie weer op
Waar je ook bent, in een vallei of op een bergtop
Open je hart
en deel al haar smart
Zodat ze het niet alleen hoeft te dragen
En zich kan verlossen van al die lagen

Moeder Aarde ik drum voor jou
Omdat ik van je hou
Voor eeuwig verenigd met jouw lied
In vreugde en verdriet
SS, Song of Heaven


Tree of Life

Tree of Life
I am tired of feeling the knife
Sitting in my chest
I need a rest
The pain that I feel
It needs to heal
Seeing You being destroyed
Something I could not avoid

From that moment on
A part of me is gone
I could not truly feel
And I felt no longer  part of the medicine wheel

Being totaly seperated from who we were
That day all was blur
The water came
And I still feel blame
Carrying my white skin
I have nothing to win

I am sorry, I truly am
Can we break that dam?
That is there between Our Mother
and other?
So that we are connected again
And help Her to go trough now and then?

We can help her carry Her burden too
Something we brought upon Her, because of what we do.

A family we need to form at a  new break of day
A totaly new way
Where all relatives form a counsil fire
being aware of the wire
That connects us all
That we lost because of the fall

All relations
From the stone people,..., until the sky nations
I want to give my heart
So that we never again will part...

SS, Song of Heaven

maandag 28 maart 2011

As One

As One we walk this Earth together
As One we sing to Her our Song
As One we love Her
As One we heal Her
Her Heart beats with our own as One

As One we join with Her, Our Mother
As One we feel Her Sacred Song
As One we touch Her
As One we heal Her
Her Heart beats with our own as One

Denean album Sacred Fire
Song As One

dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Goddess I bow again...

In my memories a land of peace and harmony
hand in hand with nature and totaly free
There was no separation
an every day vacation
Joy and laughter
Loving feelings forever after
Running on the green grass home
Our spirit always on the roam
Playing with wind and fire
There was no desire

Until that day
Where all colors lost their ray
Darkness came over us all
We did not hear the call
From that moment on
We are on the run
To find that one place again
We do not know when
Feelings of being abandoned by Our Great Mother
Not being accepted by any other

Loosing my sister was hard to bare
So I screamed to our Mother
"Do you still care???"
Anger made me turn against her
I did not know where we were
Totally in darkness
I lost my bliss
And the love for the Goddess too
I did not know anymore what to do

Today I feel the memories
And I want to make peace
with all what happened that time
And find my heart beat's rhyme

Goddess I am sorry, Please forgive
So that I feel again that I live
I want to feel you again through my veins and my heart
I do not want to part
Can we restore the connection now?
I say to you, for You I bow
And want to be of service to you
Show me what to do???

"My sweet child
Running in the wild
We never been parted
not now not then
It has never been
You lost me in the heart
that is where it started
Embrace your heart
let it shine
You are truly one of the divine
You can work with me
by making yourself free
From all these feelings
sitting there
feelings of uncare
old patterns running wild
Be like the child
That was there one day
There is the way
To run straight into my arms
without any harms
Totaly free, like you are! Be!
My sweet daughter Embrace!
It shows new days
from now on
Let all your sorrows be gone
I am with you always
show your rays
Pick up your crown
and go up not down!"

Thank you Great Mother
I love you like no other
I see now that things where needed to learn
Things needed to burn
In order to get stronger
And let my soul grow longer
Without black there is no white
No life when no one died
You are both sides
With your arms open wide
To keep things in balance and harmony
And to set us free
Dancing on the waves
between dark and light
Thank you for showing the ride...

SS, Song of Heaven

zondag 6 maart 2011

Let life live

Inner and outer are connected

Like the inner is in the outer projected
Bridging Heaven and Earth
Is definitly a good Worth

I love to do it myself too

But sometimes I do not know how to do

My inner feels so different than outside

O my, I did a lot of work, oh my I tried

Now I see

That embracing is the key for me

To go through each single day

And find the way

Where inner and outer live together side by side

And it is my heart who is the guide

It is nice to learn outside

When inner makes the same ride

I try to see lessons in everything

And am curious what life will bring

It is not always nice

And I do not understand often the why's

But I do know that life goes like it suppose to

Sending Love to you

SS, Song of Heaven

woensdag 2 maart 2011


Reflection inside
Looking in the mirror with eyes open wide
Waking up to who I am truly

"Stop demanding, stop being your own bully!
You are okay the way you are,
Come on and shine like a star!
Believe in you,
Embrace yourself too!"

I do not like what I see in the mirror today
Too much chaos on my way
A lot of confusion, a part of me
Feeling emprisoned, totally not free
Captured in a limited body and a different brain
Conflict my daily pain

I want to let go
And go with the flow
Trust Great Spirit's way
And really LIVE every single day
with a smile and a tear
With loving feelings and with fear
Because I know all is part of One
May all my resistance be gone
And let all my cells be filled with joy and peace.


I pray for this today
May embrace come on my way
So that my heart can be filled with love
And I will be able to fly like a dove
Spreading sparkles of light
During my flight

Fairy dust
a daily must
For all who want to believe
The wind blows on us like on a leaf
Floating with us in the air
It helps us carry all what we bare

I am standing here alone
Like a stone
Walked all over, but still not crushed
Although I know one day I return to dust
Being able to be
The heart = the key
One with all living things
Spreading my wings
So that I can fly with eagle
And walk with bear
Surrounded by wolf's care
Running on the green grass home
Forever I may roam
With my spirit way up high
I just fly

I will rise like a phoenix out of the fire
Cutting all the wire
That holds me where I am
Breaking of the wall with a bam
Whale bring me to the inner pool
Where there is one rule

"Let love live"

And the reflection that I will see
Will be totally me.

SS, song of heaven