zondag 29 mei 2011

The road where I belong

Within my heart
I feel smart
A little child cries
And cannot handle lies
I surround myself with a cloud
So that I cannot see and say out loud
That I am not the person that I show to all
I feel small not tall
I cannot handle a lot of things
I rather play, imagine I have wings
To fly across every mountain
And bathe myself in the youth fountain
Having fun on a daily base
Just following my own pace
What I show is a so called strength
That never dies and always bends
To the needs of everyone
I jump over mountains if that needs to be done
SO that everyone will love me and care
I handle everything, oh I bare
But inside I am breaking
The beginning of an awakening
A brand new start
A butterfly that part
with its shell
I hear an angels bell
World I am here
Still with some fear
So give me the time I need
So that my heart can lead
To my own life song
The road where I belong

SS, song of heaven

dinsdag 24 mei 2011

I will fight no more

self love by Mario Duguay

Thank you

I feel a part of me crying
Like it is afraid of dying
I embrace it with all my heart
And tell it we never part
Because it is a part of me
But I need to be free
So I am telling firm
That my spirit will burn
Not to kill that part
but to embrace it with the heart
Because it served me well
That is what I can tell
Thank you for all what you did
So close now your eye lid
And sleep softly in my arms
So that you can feel that it it is warm
inside of you
I love you
I do

SS, Song of Heaven


Victim and dominant part
I want to tell something from the heart
I don't like what is going on
It feels like I carry a ton
Dragging me from one side to the other
Like I have to choose one above another
Stories is what you tell
A childhood spell
Programs to survive
not being fully alive
Because I am lived by you both
carrying the load
Misery and pain
No sunshine only rain
Effecting my life
Like an emprissoned wife
I want to be free
Not connecting with you or thee
But to the real part that is me
The part that  is only 'be'
I am watching you both
Carrying the load
Because from now on
pain and misery is gone
I give it back
And fill up the lack
of love inside
So that the part that died
lives again
Now and then

SS, Song of Heaven

Denean there is a dream

There Is A Dream lyrics

There is a dream in my heart
A vision I do see
It is you soaring higher
It is me... we are free.

Hearts open wide
It is time to decide
To live in the light
In love to abide.

Sing your song to Great Spirit
The song living in your heart
Don't be afraid to hear it
This feeling is where it starts.

Hearts open wide
It is time to decide
To live in the light
In love to abide

The healing power of love
Sparkling light of the soul.

Make a stand for the future
Of this earth we walk upon
Sharing love... sharing power
Understanding, we all are one.

Hearts open wide
It is time to decide
To live in the light
In love to abide.

There is a dream in my heart
A vision I do see
It is you soaring higher
It is me... we are free.


vrijdag 20 mei 2011


Mindful through the day
It is like a child's play
Every moment is like new
Like the morning dew

It is there to reach
And it does not preach
In silence it awaits for you
The only thing you need to do
Is feeling what is inside
And open your heart wide

Our body will tell our story
And shows  all the glory
What life can bring every day
Just stop running and stay

For a moment in peace
with all that is
Captured in bliss
And just like the morning dew
It comes every day anew
Be still and breath
And let your heart lead

Feel yourself alive again
Every second! Your choice! Are you mindful now?
Or when?

SS, Song of Heaven

I love you

dinsdag 10 mei 2011


In the twilight of the night
I am sitting with eyes open wide
But I cannot see
Who I am, how I can be
The person lurking inside
The true me that shines bright
I am blind, a veil cloudens my eyes
Phoenix needs to rise
Out of the darkness into the light
Where no-thing can hide
Heart show me the way
To a new day
I hear your beating
And feel you weeping
But cannot hear your voice
Because of my mind's noise
Great Spirit please
lift up the veil that cloudens me
please Great Spirit set me free
So that I can embrace
My Life's ways
Let my heart shine
And let me be
Just Me

SS, song of heaven