maandag 31 maart 2014

I am the dreamer and the dream
the see it all and the unseen
I reside in the nothing yet I exist in the All
In peace and violence
In sound and silence
Dark and light
In the day and at night
I am the I am

We Am

SS, Song of heaven

woensdag 26 maart 2014

Dragon Rider
Within the Earth he is laying asleep
Somewhere very down deep
His heartbeat matches the rhythm of our Mother
They know each other like no other.
Forming her bones
From time to time some moans
Ready to be awaken
Awaiting to be taken
Stand up Rider, it is time
Shine your power sublime
Breath in courage, be bold
Learn from the stories that are once been told
Don't be afraid
Take on the dance like a lovers date
Approach them in silence
Intent no violence
His strength will empower you
Riding him is all you need to do
Up and down he will fly
In the deepest darkness and the highest high
Are you ready Rider?
Open your heart a bit wider
Because he is calling
his long lost darling
So that for once more
it can open the door
To the new realms to be
And set our Mother free

SS, Song of heaven

vrijdag 21 maart 2014

We bless you horses in spirit and in the flesh,
we pray for you and ask forgiveness.

We thank you horses for showing us the way
That we have to walk today

Thank you for your protection and your care
Thank you for making us aware

of the power that we carry inside
The light within you shine so bright

The shadows of our soul
are easily been shown

When we look into your eyes
Fear and anxiety dies

We embrace your spirit dark and white
Thank you for 'the day', thank you for 'the night'

ss Song of Heaven

I am no angel, is what you've said
There is a voice telling you this inside of your head
A scream down deep
tears are falling, you weep
You feel of no use
Some 'thing' people can abuse
I will tell you a story
Of power and glory
Inside of you it resides
Inside of you it hides
It is the truth of who you really are
You are a bright shining star!
Divine in the core
A soul that just wants to explore
Out of the deepest darkness she finds her way
In the arms of Source she wants to lay
So she can feel back the power
And can open up like a flower
Stand up Woman, stand tall!!
Hear your call
A whisper of your Soul
Set up your own goal
You are the creator
You will found out now or later
And what you will see
Is a woman set free
And then you can truly say
On that glorious day
"I AM an Angel"

SS, song of heaven

woensdag 19 maart 2014

Heart in pain
has wisdom to gain
it grows from inside
like a small light
With every wound that heals
another layer peels
to luminate that piece
it sits there in the breeze
In the wind it flows
with loving energy it grows
A part of you
that you need to know too
Shining from within
Connected to all your next of kin
Brothers and Sisters
Soul whispers
Singing a song
to the wounded heart
So that it never feels apart
SS, Song of heaven