donderdag 20 augustus 2015

Tania, Love yourself more
It will open a door
To the wild and unseen
To places where you never been
Hurt will dissepear
bye bye you naugty fear
Because the heart will beat a prescious tune
Like the wolf howling to the moon
Open en wide
An amazing ride
No seperation, no more being alone
All connected to the blood and in the bone
Spirit I ask to you
Let me feel this love too
Deep within
Being my own next of kin
Filling myself whole
That is now my goal
So later on it can overflow from me to another
who crack their heart open, who do bother
So we can share our self love
Deep within here on earth, from above

ss. Song of heaven

woensdag 13 mei 2015


Langzaam maar zeker komt het binnen
Als de dauw op een bloem wanneer de dag staat te beginnen
Al mijn lessen in liefde en leven
Schudden aan me, 'k begin te beven
Een stroom van emotie
in de kern een devotie
Waar ik nog niet ten volle in kan staan
Heb nog een hele weg te gaan
Ik vraag me af op dit moment 
'wil je zijn wie je werkelijk bent?'
Niet alleen vanbinnen maar ook vanbuiten?
Het word tijd dat ik mezelf ga uiten.
Al die stromen willen worden gehoord.
Een kern van creatie mag worden aangeboord.
Schrijven, dichten, tekenen, schilderen en zo meer
Kan het niet meer inhouden,, 'k heb geen verweer
Dus zeg ik ja tegen het leven en de liefde in mijn hart
Goodbye pijn, goodbye smart
Want er is angst in mijn kern voor afgescheidenheid
Een thuisgevoel is wat me bevrijdt
Angst om 'thuis' te betreden en in de ander te ont-moeten
Angst om zo me-zelf te begroeten
Met een open hart, gewoon wie ik ben
zodat de ander ook bij me thuis komt en zegt 'Hé dat is iets wat ik herken!'
Samen thuis beleven
Hier op aard, dat noemt men werkelijk leven


donderdag 9 april 2015


In my inner world
I wander around
No path ahead
Nothing to be found
All is dark in here

Not even a small light seems to appear
I feel alone right now
Need to find me and I don't know how
So much in motion
swirling around
Nothing to hold on to
No-thing to be found
The outside mirror is over and done
Lots of wisdom I did won
Now I wander around inside
and no place where I can hide
I hope that one day
I will find a way
To get out of my cocoon
So that the sun can reach my heart
and that I will finaly bloom
as the person that is lurking within me
I hope to set me free

SS, Song of heaven

vrijdag 21 november 2014

 I wish I could walk the Earth again
Vague memories come up now and then
Everywhere I went, beauty arises...

Life itself was full of surprises
Conversations with the moon
All of us did bloom
Harmony with the stars, the animals, flowers and trees
We sang along with the bumble bees
A pureness within us all
We heard our mothers call
Whispering that we are love
Fairy dust came down from above
We lived the magical way
Full of laughter and joy every day
Once I could walk the Earth
With my brothers and sisters without being hurt
Within the memory looking bright
a shining light
all my dreams, my hope, my heart
Because inside this human, something 's there that did never part
Every beat of my heart, a word of a song
Side by side we travel along
Elf in you and Elf in me. I speak to thee
I set you free
To come and walk with me once more
On Earth in full galore
SS, song of heaven

woensdag 17 september 2014

To my true Love
I send you a wave from my heart
Cause we never really did part
With every beat there comes one more
At the end a union will galore
A song will be formed, a song that I sing
A tune that you remember like the motion of your wing
Your search will be over, the treasure that you seek
will stand in front of you and will make you feel weak
Cause your leggs will tremble a lot
And your body will feel very hot
As the tune of my song
will make you belong
And make you realise you were home all along
Your heart will shke
And your soul will feel awake
Your eyes will remember the stars within
your truly next of kin
Our energies will start to dance
and inhance
What our hearts know deep down
we will give each other the crown
Because you are my true King
The bells will ring
In heaven and down below
And the sky will be filld with the colors of the rainbow
Embrace me so that I cannot run away
Make me feel safe to reach for a New Day
Push me into who I am inside
Love me so that I will open my heart really wide
Cause my song is still fragile
As I lost hope for a while
Catch my tunes and let me remember my own song
Sing it back to me
So that I know too that I belong
Into your arms I will fall
Common my King do you hear my call?
SS, Song of Heaven

maandag 31 maart 2014

I am the dreamer and the dream
the see it all and the unseen
I reside in the nothing yet I exist in the All
In peace and violence
In sound and silence
Dark and light
In the day and at night
I am the I am

We Am

SS, Song of heaven

woensdag 26 maart 2014

Dragon Rider
Within the Earth he is laying asleep
Somewhere very down deep
His heartbeat matches the rhythm of our Mother
They know each other like no other.
Forming her bones
From time to time some moans
Ready to be awaken
Awaiting to be taken
Stand up Rider, it is time
Shine your power sublime
Breath in courage, be bold
Learn from the stories that are once been told
Don't be afraid
Take on the dance like a lovers date
Approach them in silence
Intent no violence
His strength will empower you
Riding him is all you need to do
Up and down he will fly
In the deepest darkness and the highest high
Are you ready Rider?
Open your heart a bit wider
Because he is calling
his long lost darling
So that for once more
it can open the door
To the new realms to be
And set our Mother free

SS, Song of heaven