dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Unchained Melody

                                 An unchained Melody hits me with a dart
                                 Floating in my heart
                                 On the Rhythm of the Universal Sound
                                 Heavenly given
                                 Earthly bound

                                                     A Drum's Beat
                                                     Fire's Heat
                                                     Like a Tree it stands tall
                                                    And it runs like a Waterfall

                                  In the Wind it plays
                                  Finding it's own ways
                                                     I hear the Sounds
                                                     like  howling Hounds
                                                     to the moon
                                                     Each has his own tune

                                   Let's dance together
                                   And share this forever
                                    In Harmony
                                   With that Unchained Melody

                                                     SS, song of heaven

zaterdag 3 maart 2012


 Spirit Horse of mine
Ride sublime
Over the fields of green grass
Earthly paths and a mountain pass
Travel with me
wherever I have to go
In the Upper ,Middle or Down Bellow
Show me the places inside of me
That I still did not make free
So that a flow can start
And I can stop being apart
of a world so full of life
Please let me take that dive?
Make me awake
For a New Road to take
Connect me with that inside part
That is dormant and start
The communication between me and Her
Time for clearness, no more seeing blur
May I speak with ancient tongues
Where my heart and soul belongs
Let me sing of brand new days
And remind me of the Old Ways
Let also the Sound fall onto my ears
And may I be releaved from all the fears
That are standing between Her and me
So that I can finally be
The person lurking inside
And open my heart very wide
To Our Mother Earth we live upon
And Father Sky embracing the Sun
Surrendering to be of service I bow
And yes I allow
The Spirits to show me the way
I send my blessings to all of you this day
Thank you Stardust for this new start
Thank you I say from the heart

Blessed be
Be Free

SS, song of heaven

A new day

I have heard my name today
In a total different way
A voice speaking out loud
Very firm without a doubt
Song of Heaven it did say
You did find the right way
Joy spreads out from here to there
All the sorrows ahead you can bare
Because your allies are on your side
And your heart starts to turn open wide
More will come
It all has been done
In your minds eye already
Wait for it real steady
Your strength will grow
From up high and bellow
Spirits are helping to stay on track
There is no turning back
We say now we all love you
We really do

SS, song of heaven