zondag 6 februari 2011

I Love you

Sometimes it feels like you just don't care

Because of all the layers that you wear

Then we live side by side

Totally not on the same ride

I am laying next to you

And I do not know what to do

It goes on day by day

It doesn't matter how much love I give away

I cannot reach your heart

So we keep on living apart

My heart cries out loud

I want to scream, I want to shout

But all I hear is the silence

And for me it feels worse than violence

My body longs for you

And my soul wants to connect too

I want to hold you but you turn away

Do I run or do I stay?

Sometimes I do not know if I can hang on

Are you still there my Hon?

I want to live together

From now on until forever

Growing old, growing young

It is you to who I belong

Why can't you see

Who is the real me

What I have to offer to you

I really love you, I do

Please take my hand

And go with me to the promised land

Where your heart is out and glooms

Where the whole of you blooms

Where a beautiful light shines

Always, not sometimes

You just have to see it

Inside, your little kid

Who wants to play

And show you the way

To a free live

Next to your wife

Walking hand in hand

On the yellow roads of the promised land

Forever connected in the heart

And never again we feel apart

SS, song of heaven

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