vrijdag 21 maart 2014

I am no angel, is what you've said
There is a voice telling you this inside of your head
A scream down deep
tears are falling, you weep
You feel of no use
Some 'thing' people can abuse
I will tell you a story
Of power and glory
Inside of you it resides
Inside of you it hides
It is the truth of who you really are
You are a bright shining star!
Divine in the core
A soul that just wants to explore
Out of the deepest darkness she finds her way
In the arms of Source she wants to lay
So she can feel back the power
And can open up like a flower
Stand up Woman, stand tall!!
Hear your call
A whisper of your Soul
Set up your own goal
You are the creator
You will found out now or later
And what you will see
Is a woman set free
And then you can truly say
On that glorious day
"I AM an Angel"

SS, song of heaven

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