zondag 24 april 2011


Anger, an emotion who sufficates
Behind the corner it lurks, it awaits
To capture me
And closes my heart with a key
My body trembles
And it remembers 
all the moments before my eyes
And my head has a lot of questions, a lot of why's   
I want to run 
From that major gun
That shoots holes in my soul
What is the goal????
I scream inside
In the mids of night
WHen all is pitch black
O soul, please come back!!!
Open my heart
I want a fresh start
without anger and fear
What am I doing here???

My sweet child
of the Great Divine
Embrace what is
And feel your heart's bliss
It grows within you
Like a little light
in the darkest night
Anger cannot hurt you
The only thing it can do
Is make you full of fears
And bring your eyes in tears
Away from the heart
you only feel smarts
When you don't give it space
it finds it's own ways
to grow bigger inside of you
And take controle over your thinking and 'do'
Open yourself up
to feel all what is in Live's cup
So that it can flow in freedom inside
through your veines and
your heart open wide
So that the e-motion
Feels like a lotion
who softens the skin
You will gain health, it is what you win
Don't be scared
Just be prepared
To calm you head
And to receive love instead

SS, song of heaven                                                     

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