zondag 10 april 2011

River of tears

Inside of me a river of tears
to release all those fears
That has been gathered throughout the years
I cannot feel space, these days
Around my heart
It feels like I fall apart
My strength has gone away
I can't remember how to play
Energy I miss
An angels kiss
that carries me through the night
A dark and intensive ride
The warmth of my heart I need to feel
All wounds will heal
In time and space
I will find my place
I do not know who I am today
I addapted to much on my way
So I need to gather aspects of me
And set my soul free
So that I can fly again
Over mountain tops and then
I can walk on Earth
After I gave birth
To the real me that is lurking inside
Day by day an old aspect died
A phoenix rise
Shining and wise

SS, song of heaven

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