vrijdag 10 juni 2011

conversation inner child

Little Child what do you want to say
I feel fear on the way
What you do is running away
Why can't you stay
And tell me what makes you so scared
So that we both are prepared
For the new way that is coming soon
Please leave your cocoon
And tell me your story
of sorrow and glory
I want to listen to you right now
Tell me how
I can step towards you, the way you like it
A candle of light is what I lit
So that the darkness goes away
please little child just play

All is harsh and not so kind
a story that plays off time after time, just a rewind
of hard things on the way
How can I play
When all is like that
The rain makes me wet
I want to feel the sun again
So tell me when
You let it in
Instead of throwing it in the bin.

Little child the rain will not hurt you
It just makes you wet, maybe soaked through
But life is not about avoiding the dark and all that is difficult too
It only shows you
Memories of the past
Like movies and it's cast
It plays over and over again
Until when
you see all is a game
your thoughts untamed
All is safe for you to come out
Life is all about
Learning to dance in the rain
Freedom you will gain
So that the inner world becomes real
With your fear.
So that a rainbow can appear
At the end, on the horizon
Where the rain meets the sun
And all is shining bright
Like your inner light

ss, song of heaven

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