zondag 29 mei 2011

The road where I belong

Within my heart
I feel smart
A little child cries
And cannot handle lies
I surround myself with a cloud
So that I cannot see and say out loud
That I am not the person that I show to all
I feel small not tall
I cannot handle a lot of things
I rather play, imagine I have wings
To fly across every mountain
And bathe myself in the youth fountain
Having fun on a daily base
Just following my own pace
What I show is a so called strength
That never dies and always bends
To the needs of everyone
I jump over mountains if that needs to be done
SO that everyone will love me and care
I handle everything, oh I bare
But inside I am breaking
The beginning of an awakening
A brand new start
A butterfly that part
with its shell
I hear an angels bell
World I am here
Still with some fear
So give me the time I need
So that my heart can lead
To my own life song
The road where I belong

SS, song of heaven

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