dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Unchained Melody

                                 An unchained Melody hits me with a dart
                                 Floating in my heart
                                 On the Rhythm of the Universal Sound
                                 Heavenly given
                                 Earthly bound

                                                     A Drum's Beat
                                                     Fire's Heat
                                                     Like a Tree it stands tall
                                                    And it runs like a Waterfall

                                  In the Wind it plays
                                  Finding it's own ways
                                                     I hear the Sounds
                                                     like  howling Hounds
                                                     to the moon
                                                     Each has his own tune

                                   Let's dance together
                                   And share this forever
                                    In Harmony
                                   With that Unchained Melody

                                                     SS, song of heaven

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