donderdag 20 juni 2013




Is flying high
Over valleys and mountains
Spreading joy like fountains

So light as a feather
Fragile in stormy weather
Still strong to survive
All the stages in his life

Transforming is what he does
Just like that, without a fuss
Lightness is his key
To make himself totaly free
From all the heaviness of life
Showing joy within all strife

Colors is what he brings
Showing beauty in all things
Sensitive from head to toe
Feeling comfortable high and low
Giving kisses to the flowers
Is also one of his powers
And when the sun shines
He dines, on the warm rays
Guiding towards Heaven's ways

Thank you butterfly for your medicine
You show your greatness within,
Being small and thin

We bless you now
And make a bow
To what you represent in life
So we can make the dive
To paradise
And feel alive

Blessed Be
SS, Song of Heaven

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