woensdag 15 januari 2014

art Anne Clair Payet
Lilith's Heart
does never part
from something lurking inside
it is like a dark night
Where the moon hardly shines
the snake entwines
to rise up towards the sky
gives life to everything it passes by
The Woman well hidden
for all of us forbidden
cursed, blamed, banned to the dungeon
where she could not scream, could not run
Wild and free
in her essence to be
riding the snake
makes all within awake
Rise Woman, Rise!!!
Out of the darkness where all of it dies
Give birth to the real you
Feel the life force inside of you too
Filling every cell with ecstacy
A new way to be
Lilith, I honnor you from within
You are my truly next of kin
For you I bow
Here and now
SS, Song of Heaven

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