woensdag 17 september 2014

To my true Love
I send you a wave from my heart
Cause we never really did part
With every beat there comes one more
At the end a union will galore
A song will be formed, a song that I sing
A tune that you remember like the motion of your wing
Your search will be over, the treasure that you seek
will stand in front of you and will make you feel weak
Cause your leggs will tremble a lot
And your body will feel very hot
As the tune of my song
will make you belong
And make you realise you were home all along
Your heart will shke
And your soul will feel awake
Your eyes will remember the stars within
your truly next of kin
Our energies will start to dance
and inhance
What our hearts know deep down
we will give each other the crown
Because you are my true King
The bells will ring
In heaven and down below
And the sky will be filld with the colors of the rainbow
Embrace me so that I cannot run away
Make me feel safe to reach for a New Day
Push me into who I am inside
Love me so that I will open my heart really wide
Cause my song is still fragile
As I lost hope for a while
Catch my tunes and let me remember my own song
Sing it back to me
So that I know too that I belong
Into your arms I will fall
Common my King do you hear my call?
SS, Song of Heaven

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