vrijdag 21 november 2014

 I wish I could walk the Earth again
Vague memories come up now and then
Everywhere I went, beauty arises...

Life itself was full of surprises
Conversations with the moon
All of us did bloom
Harmony with the stars, the animals, flowers and trees
We sang along with the bumble bees
A pureness within us all
We heard our mothers call
Whispering that we are love
Fairy dust came down from above
We lived the magical way
Full of laughter and joy every day
Once I could walk the Earth
With my brothers and sisters without being hurt
Within the memory looking bright
a shining light
all my dreams, my hope, my heart
Because inside this human, something 's there that did never part
Every beat of my heart, a word of a song
Side by side we travel along
Elf in you and Elf in me. I speak to thee
I set you free
To come and walk with me once more
On Earth in full galore
SS, song of heaven

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