dinsdag 24 mei 2011


Victim and dominant part
I want to tell something from the heart
I don't like what is going on
It feels like I carry a ton
Dragging me from one side to the other
Like I have to choose one above another
Stories is what you tell
A childhood spell
Programs to survive
not being fully alive
Because I am lived by you both
carrying the load
Misery and pain
No sunshine only rain
Effecting my life
Like an emprissoned wife
I want to be free
Not connecting with you or thee
But to the real part that is me
The part that  is only 'be'
I am watching you both
Carrying the load
Because from now on
pain and misery is gone
I give it back
And fill up the lack
of love inside
So that the part that died
lives again
Now and then

SS, Song of Heaven

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