donderdag 21 juni 2012

wolf spirit

Fierce Warrior

I connect with you from the heart
And ask for help on this new start
Can you teach me how to find strength
And let me see when to move forward and when to bend
Show me how to face life with head up high
To walk the path with courage until I die
The importance of family value
is also known by you
Loyalty to Self and Other
Enemies they do not bother
Learn me how to communicate with all
And how to keep faith even when I fall
Teach me to be wise
And where my responsibility lays
Sing with me your song to the moon
And show me how my spirit can bloom
Give me your eyes to see
when someone is lying to me
So that I can set my boundaries
and defend home and family even on my knies
May I listen with your ears
And show me how to deal with fears
Dealing with danger
unknown stranger
is also what I need to do
How can I pull it trough?
May I Be one of the Pack
And let me deal with lack
Teach me how and when to show my teeth
When to surrender or when to lead
May we work together
Now and forever
Let my intuition get stronger
And let my heart stay open much longer
So that one day, I pray
I can be a good teacher too
That is what I want to do
Spirit of the wolf, Thank You
Sending my love to You

Blessed Be

SS, song of heaven

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