zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Ocean of Love/ So Much Magnificence - Miten/ Deva Premal

While listening to this music words appeared on  paper...
A message from within...

There is a bin right next to your heart
Where you can leave all your sorrows
So that you are able to step into the open door
that is always available
Your Heart
There you find a ll the Love you need
You can bade in it, take a shower in it
And eventualy Be it
 You can share a part
of your light to everyone who needs it
The ones who lurk in darkness
Because they cannot see
Their own light shining bright
Within themselves
A light is necesairy to create more light
Be the Love, Be the Light, Be You
Because all of this is your natural stade of Being...

Rainbows from my Heart to Yours

SS, song of heaven

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