dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Conversation Ego/Inner Child

You are a being o so great
Protecting me, defending me is your natural state
I thank you very much for this all
Now it is time to move on, time for having a ball
So I ask you please, let me go
And let me find my own way
Don't be afraid that I run
No I will stay
I will grow bigger every day
But it is still me inside, I'll never go away
Now I want to show my true colors
It has nothing to do with earning dollars
But my inside wants to explode
And throw off the load
That I am carrying around
for a long while
Admit it you cannot be in denial
Holding me makes the burden bigger and hard
It is time to turn the pages, to draw another card
I am grateful that you did what you did
But it is time for you now to quit
You can relax and enjoy life
from now on
You work is over, it is done
Don't think I will drop you like waste
Now that is not me, I have another taste
I ask you to walk with me
And you will see
That walking next to each other
is fun as well
You will see time will tell
It is time for me now to take care of you
We switch the roles, that is what we do
So go on and take your place
In my heart and next to me
Balance is here the real key
Side by side and day by day
We go on with our journey
we will find the way
To live in natural harmony
No you, No me but we

SS, Song of Heaven

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