zondag 6 maart 2011

Let life live

Inner and outer are connected

Like the inner is in the outer projected
Bridging Heaven and Earth
Is definitly a good Worth

I love to do it myself too

But sometimes I do not know how to do

My inner feels so different than outside

O my, I did a lot of work, oh my I tried

Now I see

That embracing is the key for me

To go through each single day

And find the way

Where inner and outer live together side by side

And it is my heart who is the guide

It is nice to learn outside

When inner makes the same ride

I try to see lessons in everything

And am curious what life will bring

It is not always nice

And I do not understand often the why's

But I do know that life goes like it suppose to

Sending Love to you

SS, Song of Heaven

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