dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Tree of Life

Tree of Life
I am tired of feeling the knife
Sitting in my chest
I need a rest
The pain that I feel
It needs to heal
Seeing You being destroyed
Something I could not avoid

From that moment on
A part of me is gone
I could not truly feel
And I felt no longer  part of the medicine wheel

Being totaly seperated from who we were
That day all was blur
The water came
And I still feel blame
Carrying my white skin
I have nothing to win

I am sorry, I truly am
Can we break that dam?
That is there between Our Mother
and other?
So that we are connected again
And help Her to go trough now and then?

We can help her carry Her burden too
Something we brought upon Her, because of what we do.

A family we need to form at a  new break of day
A totaly new way
Where all relatives form a counsil fire
being aware of the wire
That connects us all
That we lost because of the fall

All relations
From the stone people,..., until the sky nations
I want to give my heart
So that we never again will part...

SS, Song of Heaven

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