woensdag 2 maart 2011


Reflection inside
Looking in the mirror with eyes open wide
Waking up to who I am truly

"Stop demanding, stop being your own bully!
You are okay the way you are,
Come on and shine like a star!
Believe in you,
Embrace yourself too!"

I do not like what I see in the mirror today
Too much chaos on my way
A lot of confusion, a part of me
Feeling emprisoned, totally not free
Captured in a limited body and a different brain
Conflict my daily pain

I want to let go
And go with the flow
Trust Great Spirit's way
And really LIVE every single day
with a smile and a tear
With loving feelings and with fear
Because I know all is part of One
May all my resistance be gone
And let all my cells be filled with joy and peace.


I pray for this today
May embrace come on my way
So that my heart can be filled with love
And I will be able to fly like a dove
Spreading sparkles of light
During my flight

Fairy dust
a daily must
For all who want to believe
The wind blows on us like on a leaf
Floating with us in the air
It helps us carry all what we bare

I am standing here alone
Like a stone
Walked all over, but still not crushed
Although I know one day I return to dust
Being able to be
The heart = the key
One with all living things
Spreading my wings
So that I can fly with eagle
And walk with bear
Surrounded by wolf's care
Running on the green grass home
Forever I may roam
With my spirit way up high
I just fly

I will rise like a phoenix out of the fire
Cutting all the wire
That holds me where I am
Breaking of the wall with a bam
Whale bring me to the inner pool
Where there is one rule

"Let love live"

And the reflection that I will see
Will be totally me.

SS, song of heaven

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