dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Untamed Spirit

Once upon a time in the west
A spirit did her best
To let go of old patterns and society rules
She used them for a while, she used them as tools
But she discovered that she was so much more
Because of that she opened the door
To new ways, another path
Not outside but inwards instead
She got challenges on her way
Sometimes she wondered how can I get through this day?
People were hard to her now
Not so nice then when she made a bow
For all the people and society style
She has to get used to this and that will take a while
People want to tame her big times
Drag her into the old system, let her follow the lines
But she is an untamed spirit inside
And wants to explore her heart, make it wide
Out of the heart rainbows appear
Boxes and masks will fall, the truth is near
A mirror is what she is
She carries a certain bliss
In the mirror some people will see
The beauty inside that they 'be'
others will fight against it
Because they don't understand what she did
Her heart she follows from now on
Pain will be over soon, it will be gone
Because she realise that all the challenges on her way
Will bring her a brand new day
Untamed like the wind she will be
Forever more....
She invites you in with all her heart
Are you coming in or do you close the door?

SS, Song of Heaven

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