dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Goddess I bow again...

In my memories a land of peace and harmony
hand in hand with nature and totaly free
There was no separation
an every day vacation
Joy and laughter
Loving feelings forever after
Running on the green grass home
Our spirit always on the roam
Playing with wind and fire
There was no desire

Until that day
Where all colors lost their ray
Darkness came over us all
We did not hear the call
From that moment on
We are on the run
To find that one place again
We do not know when
Feelings of being abandoned by Our Great Mother
Not being accepted by any other

Loosing my sister was hard to bare
So I screamed to our Mother
"Do you still care???"
Anger made me turn against her
I did not know where we were
Totally in darkness
I lost my bliss
And the love for the Goddess too
I did not know anymore what to do

Today I feel the memories
And I want to make peace
with all what happened that time
And find my heart beat's rhyme

Goddess I am sorry, Please forgive
So that I feel again that I live
I want to feel you again through my veins and my heart
I do not want to part
Can we restore the connection now?
I say to you, for You I bow
And want to be of service to you
Show me what to do???

"My sweet child
Running in the wild
We never been parted
not now not then
It has never been
You lost me in the heart
that is where it started
Embrace your heart
let it shine
You are truly one of the divine
You can work with me
by making yourself free
From all these feelings
sitting there
feelings of uncare
old patterns running wild
Be like the child
That was there one day
There is the way
To run straight into my arms
without any harms
Totaly free, like you are! Be!
My sweet daughter Embrace!
It shows new days
from now on
Let all your sorrows be gone
I am with you always
show your rays
Pick up your crown
and go up not down!"

Thank you Great Mother
I love you like no other
I see now that things where needed to learn
Things needed to burn
In order to get stronger
And let my soul grow longer
Without black there is no white
No life when no one died
You are both sides
With your arms open wide
To keep things in balance and harmony
And to set us free
Dancing on the waves
between dark and light
Thank you for showing the ride...

SS, Song of Heaven

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