dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Inner Child

Little child come to me
Stop your fear you are free
To explore the Life before your eyes
It will never stop, it never dies
Life goes on, it has it's own way
And brings joy and laughter every day
Pain and sorrow is a part of the road
Do not see it as a burden, do not carry the load
Accept what Great Mystery brings to you
And you will grow, believe me you will do
Open your arms really wide
And welcome Life but don't hold tight
Things will change every day
No-thing can be the same forever, nothing will stay
Yin and Yang is part of Life
A mariage between husband and wife
They will do the dance together
There is no good or bad, worse or better
All is what it is
Can't you feel it? The bliss?
So little child of mine
Take my hand
Don't think any more 'but I can't'
You are much stronger then you think you are right now
It is just a matter of acceptance, just allow
The power that is within you
I love you Little Child, I really do
Lets grow new together from now on
Past and future is all gone
The sun will rise and the sun will fall
Lower the fences, break off that wall
Cme out of that shelder and play
I am proud of you! You make my day!
SS, Song of Heaven

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