woensdag 5 januari 2011

Believe in me

Who said it was easy to become a warrior is wrong
The peacefulness that I found is gone and I do long

To ride on the wave
On this emotional rave

I do not believe yet in the potentials of me
So I let them be

The mirror shown to Self
Makes me want to put everything on a shelf

One side wants to be bold
The other side doesn't want to be told

The soul that rises inside
To open doors really wide

Say "proceed your path, go on
move forward, your fears will be gone"

Take your sword
and come on board
On the ship that sails the deep
Gather your courage and take the leap
Faith is what you need right now

Surrender, allow, pray and bow
To the wonderful way in front of you
Come on, just jump, just do

SS, Song of Heaven

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