donderdag 13 januari 2011

Rainbow set me free

Inside of me a part is dying
Inside of me something is crying
I feel the Earth
And all the dirt
That is going on out and inside
All the anxiety and fright
My body feels so cold
Why can I not be bold?
I look into the puddle
And all I want to do is cuddle
Into the warmth of my heart
Where nothing is apart
But I need to stand tall
In the world and break that wall
That stands between you and me
I want to know the true me and thee
Take myhand,
Because I can't
Take me with you
And love me too
The world feels like ice
I have so many questions, so many why's
I do not understand
What is going on onto this land
And into the mind of people
It feels like I am chasing steeple
Please, try to explain
How I can get rid of this pain
That covers my heart
And make me fall apart
On a cloud I drift
I need a lift
To show me the way
To a new break of day
To let the sun shine on me again
I wonder when
I feel the warmth inside of me
So that I can share it with you and thee
Rainbow show me
How to be free
SS, song of heaven

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