woensdag 5 januari 2011

I cry with thee

My Brother, My sister
I cry with thee
To set you free
I feel your fear inside
So that your heart cannot open wide
I treasure your vision
It flys high like a pigeon
The white dove wants to land
It is fear that blocks her, because of fear she can't
I understand what you are going trough
Fighting soul is what I also do
Let's unite and get it over with
So that our candle can also be lit
And burn brightly within us all
So that we can stand tall
My body is shaking hard
My tears flow I do not like to part
Show us your lessons and learnings in your time only
You will stop feeling lonely
There are people who embrace
And show a new break of days
Take your fear and give it love
You are gifted from above
I reach my hand to you
Common brother, sister,
this is what we must do
Uniting powers from within
Let love rule, let love win

SS, Song of Heaven

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