dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Heart beat of mine

Heart of mine
Shine sublime
To show me heaven's way
and how to play
Let me know joy again
I lost it somewhere between now and then
Dancing in the street
Other souls I meet and greet
To walk together again
And tell stories, or written with a pen
Ohhh my heart
I do not want to part
Feeling you
And the blue
Floating inside
With a door open wide
I embrace you all
Standing tall
Feet deep in the ground
Head Heavenly bound
A bridge I am
Hit me with a bam
So that I can hear my own beat
And my soul can lead
into eternal space
To float in love and with grace
And to show me how to walk
and do a talk
On the red road in front of me
lead me, show me, how to be me
SS, Song of Heaven

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