dinsdag 4 januari 2011

the heart speaks

Why do you hide
and hold on tight
to all the things that have been

It is time to let go, and go with the flow
So that heart can rule again. It is time
to trust your inner self, and please come out of your
shell, open heart, connected with mind.

Be sweet to yourself, be kind.
Embrace life and do not fight
It is time to take the flight

Your spirit will soar
and will open the door
to lots of universes around you
The only thing you have to do is allow and to be
Bend over on your knee and say these words right now

'Yes I allow myself to be the messenger of the New World'

SS, song of heaven

Show your heart, have no fear. You are not alone anymore. Just allow that things happen for the best of humanity. You will see that the heart will rule once more. There will be a lot of fear but it is fear because things fall apart where people are attached to. There will be a lot of work for you to be done. So spare energy work more on yourself, inside yourself. Trust whatever information comes to you. Be aware that the heart is warm. It is an indicator that it comes from the heart and not from another source. Your heart speaks. You can communicate with it like you communicate with another person. It has a lot to tell you. Take your heart and form a partnership. It is longing for that for a long time now.Can you feel it's joy just because you allow it to speak? Keep up the good work. You don't have a clue what you are and what you will achieve. Your skills are necessary especialy in the New World. We understand your struggles. You have had feelings of being bored. It is because you had to wait. Wait until the time was right. We tell you now, the time is right. Magic will happen. Just go with the flow. Don't try to succeed in something. It is not up to you anymore to decide what is right. The heavenly will will break trough and you will serve here in the lower and bring heavenly energy in the flesh. YOU can't do much. It is the Whole that will work trough you. You just have to allow and trust.
You are gathering your family. You will improve your health. Watch carefully. The more you let go and allow the Heavenly Wind flow trough you the better you will feel.

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