maandag 17 januari 2011

Who Am I???

You are a divine creature
And an excellent teacher
for all who wants to hear
and lost their touch of fear
You have a message to tell
Come on hear the bell
It is your call
Rise up and be tall
Feel the love inside of you
You are surrounded by your guides too
Please make contact on a daily base
And don't forget to follow your own pace
Shine from within
Tell your story where you have been
You are so much more than you know
Raise your head up high, not low
Speak out loud, the words of love
You are guided by your spirits, above
The message need to be heard
The world has come to it's new birth
Your time will come
it all has been done
That you can show who you really are
From close by, not from far
No more hiding, not much pain
I'm telling the truth, you are not insane :)
You have so much potential
that you cannot see
It is you who imprisoned you
You are actually free
The door is open for you to go through
We show the way but you have to do
Open your arms
connect left to right
Open yourself up to the true you that you denied
You are a powerful being
What others might not be seeing
On these darker days
Enlighten their ways
Shine like a star, from the inside out
Spread your love, that is what it is all about
Be kind- be Love
Be tender, be a dove
stop the fight, take the flight
open heart, show your card
be you, come on, DO!!!
SS, song of heaven

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