zondag 9 januari 2011

Come to the Butterfly Ball

There is a feeling of seperation running trough my veins
And it causes me lots of pains

It brings tears to my eyes
I really don't like to say goodbyes

The tears relieve me from waste
A salty taste

One by one they fall
And then I hear a call

"Are you really seperated inside?
Look into that space so big and wide!"

I step into my heart
And feel nothing is apart

All is connected to each other
Holding hands, one to another

Strains of energy from heart to heart
No beginning, no ending, no start

All is a circle, never ending
One color next to each other forever blending

A spiral it forms, going down and up
We all drink from the same cup

Great Spirit I give thanks to You
Giving up my will is what I want to do

So that I can serve you well
So that I can tell

Of the Unity in us all
Of the Butterfly Ball

Spreading Love

on a silky glove

SS, Song of Heaven

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