donderdag 20 januari 2011


Sometimes I am silent, I cannot talk
Sometimes I have so much pain, I can barely walk

My thoughts are still
I am waiting until
My heart opens itself again
I do not know, how and when

In darkness I drift
I need a gift
From the inside out
To erase my doubt
About how to live on earth
And how to regain some self worth

I cannot feel
Like nothing is real
All is just a single tune today
I miss my song, I want to find my way

Positive thinking doesn't help much
I need a loving touch
From my own spirit above
So that I can fly again like a dove,

Spreading my wings
And doing my things
Why I came here
Walking Red Road with spirit Deer
Walking gentle and kind
Lovingly bind
With our Mother Earth and Father Sky
My feet in the ground and my head up high

Great Spirit fill me up with your love please
So that all the coldness can un-freeze
Spread your warmth through my veins
I feel it happening, like it rains
Sparkles of light
Falling down and rising up like a kite
On heavens wind, I float in the air
Thank You Great Spirit because you care
SS, song of heaven

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