dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Talk from within

Southern Season
There is only one reason
To be here on earth
and that is to give birth
to your true self to be
connect the rays between you and me
Ssssssnakes will rise and fall
And the All stand tall
within all the colors of the rainbow
you connect the low
with the higher up above
this way you will do with all your love
that will spread out over the world now
open your heart and allow
to be who you really are right now
for you we make a bow
Remember your path of the Red
forget fear and take up your crown instead
You are truly here to be
to set all of humanity free
find the way
at the break of day
and guide
with heart open wide
show the south
speak out loud
Have no fear
we are all here
to support you the whole way
Just follow your green ray
SS, song of heaven

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