maandag 3 januari 2011

Rainbow Bridge

There is a place in my heart where everything and everyone is connected. No you, No me. No Black, No White. All colors of the rainbow exist in one place. Everything in harmony, dancing with each other on all the tunes of the Universe. Unicorn walks with dragon, Faeries talk with trolls. Total respect for BE-ing.

There is a place in my mind where everything is seperated. Power, money, manipulation, greed. Everything is a fight. A big fear of loosing things or dying. Fear of non-existance in the material world. Struggling to survive. Dragging everything and everyone with it. Like a destroying tsunami. Total respect for Have-ing.

There is a place in the center of my being. That is tired of fighting. It doesn't want to choose any more. Tired of being drawn from one side to the other. My Self want to Live. Dive into the deep ends of Oneness without loosing who it is. Enjoying the material world without attachment. Forming a Rainbow Bridge between the two worlds. Connecting them for once and for all. So that 'I' can exist in the 'Whole'

SS, song of heaven

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