woensdag 5 januari 2011

Dreaming my dream

Unicorn come to me
And set my innocense free

Bring me to the promised land
Guide me to it because alone I can't

Faeries come and fly with me
Like it always used to be

I miss your presence here today
I did lost a bit my way

In darkness I do roam
The light still has to be shown

The wonderful place I belong
Bring me home, show me dawn, sing the song

Dragon set your fire
to purify my soul, to purify my liar

Bring me silence
So that I stop the violence

That is going on inside of me
Between all the parts that want to be

Protect my loved ones once more
So that we can all go trough that door

To let love reign from now on
Let it be, let it be done

SS, Song of Heaven

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